Daily Hope

January 28, 2022 - Genesis 25-26

Like father, like son. It is an old saying that resonates when sons look up and attempt to imitate their fathers. I have five brothers in my family and there are many family traits and personalities that are demonstrated which show a resemblance of my father. Some traits are natural, like a smile or a stance, while others are acquired habits.

Isaac picked up the mantle that Abraham had carried and continued to walk and serve the Lord. He was a man who spoke with the Lord and honored Him daily. Yet, like his father he also lied about his relationship with his wife Rebekah to protect himself. Perhaps even worse, he did this in the same kingdom as his father (Genesis 20, 26:6-10).

God continued to bless Isaac and show his family favor. Despite Abraham and Isaac's deceitful patterns and failures, God used them for His glory. We need to be reminded of this when we fail and begin to act or treat people wrongly. God is merciful and abundant in forgiveness as we acknowledge and return to Him.

God's love and plentiful provisions are there even when we begin to act like our earthly father instead of our Heavenly one. In His Word, the Lord repeatedly reminds us of His attributes we are to follow.

Today when you are tempted to act like your earthly father, stop and ask how your heavenly Father would respond and act accordingly. He has provided basic teachings in the New Testament such as the Fruit of the Spirit or the Beatitudes to instruct us in making these choices. As we imitate the Lord's commands, people will see God's work and know we are blessed of the Lord (Genesis 26: 26-29).

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