Daily Hope

January 24, 2022 - Genesis 12-15

Promise: A statement assuring that someone will do a particular act or an assurance something specific will be guaranteed in the future.

Promises are valuable in the lives of people. We launch into the unknown on the promises made by our marriage partner, we accept an occupation based on promises made to us at the time of hiring. Children will stand at the window and expectedly look out at an empty driveway anticipating a parent's return. When a promise is made there is an anticipation of its fulfillment!

The same is true here in Genesis 12 as Abram accepts the spoken word of the LORD. The challenge is to accept the promise and to act in accordance with no real understanding of what lies ahead. That is what Abram and Sarai did as they packed their belongings and headed into the great unknown.

Along the journey, Abram makes some wise decisions and some rather poor choices. Abram continues to learn and understand the ways of God in each chapter as the blessings of being a follower of God was made evident. Abram had become a great nation as he had become rich in gold, silver and livestock (13:2). He walked with kings and led armies to victory, but he still did not see the promise he desired!

There are times we walk by faith, and we see the Lord's blessings and power manifested but, the one thing we envision most is absent! Like Abram we will have to trust that the One who promised will also bring to fulfillment His promises. In Chapter 15 Abram again hears from God, and He reaffirms His promise.

May we be assured that God will keep His promises and rest in the reality that this Promise Maker is a Promise Keeper!

With an Expectant Hope,

Pastor Miller

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