Daily Hope

January 20, 2022 - Job 38-39

Taking a test is never an easy task. It requires preparation and diligence to come prepared for whatever the teacher has formulated. When I was a student at Moody Bible Institute, I remember a time when I had brought my brother-in-law to class, and we had taken a seat in the back of the classroom. My theology professor began the lesson by asking several students questions about the reading assignment. None knew the answers and he was getting irritated when suddenly he called upon me! Before he could ask the question, I stated I had not read the text either. His response was, "Thank you for your honesty but I was wondering who your guest was?" I should have been silent until he asked the question!

When God suddenly appears on the scene and speaks, it becomes a marathon of questions directed toward Job that leaves him speechless. Stephen Davey in his book on Job states, "This speech given by the Lord is the longest that is recorded in Scripture... What God is about to do over the course of two speeches is ask Job seventy-seven questions - all about creation." Not what you would normally think of as comfort. Davey continues to tell what God does not do:

• He does not condemn

• He does not apologize

• He does not offer an explanation to consider

• He does not offer a word of sympathy to Job

• He does not answer the question of suffering

• He does not provide an explanation - God just points to creation.

Job is left speechless and with good cause. After reading and writing about this section, I am made aware how often I speak before knowing all the facts. We would all benefit from learning the lesson of Job's difficult experiences and this rather challenging moment when Job is left with his hand over his mouth and unwilling to answer (40: 4-5).

The little child's song is fitting to close today "Oh be careful little tongue what you say, for the Father up above is looking down in love, so be careful little tongue what you say!"

With an Expectant Hope,

Pastor Miller

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