Daily Hope

January 19, 2022 - Job 35-37

What a wonderful God we serve as we live in the creation that demonstrates His glory and power. To look at the stars and to behold the mountains standing majestically above the fruitful plains speaks repeatedly of God's power!

It is dangerous to make a statement that promotes a position that places any man equal with God. The audacity that would allow you to say that man has the capacity or ability to position and maintain creation is beyond my comprehension. Some may be able to say they understand the science of how the universe and planetary systems work, but to be able to establish and maintain them is completely another matter.

Elihu challenges the perception that Job could have an equal standing with God and calls it a prideful and arrogant attitude (37: 14-18). As you read this section of Job be aware of Elihu's desire to present God as patient, just, mighty, majestic and powerful! He ends the long dialogue by asking Job to consider the works of God and then to teach the truths of God's character and person.

May we who know the Lord take time to contemplate anew the greatness of God and proclaim it to those who may be confused or angry with their present situations. Even when the circumstances confound our rationale and nothing makes sense, still God is God, and we must proclaim Him!

With an Expectant Hope,

Pastor Miller

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