Daily Hope

January 18, 2022 - Job 32-34

Having a person express their opinion can be good except when it is unwanted! To be confronted by someone totally unexpected can be disconcerting! Even when their words are correct and wisdom is found in the message, it may have diminished results when unsolicited.

Elihu is a young man that had waited and listened carefully to the words spoken between long-time friends. Righteous anger was aroused as he recognized and then scolded the men for much dialogue with no solutions. It was apparent that this young man as a potential leader and spokesman had attentively followed all that had occurred in Job's life and offers a different viewpoint.

An argument was presented by Elihu that Job had indeed been righteous and there was no hidden sin in his life as his friends had debated earlier. Instead, there was the danger of sin crouching at his feet and God wanted Job to learn a far different lesson of humility and submission. When God works in an individual's life, He has a purpose even through the difficulties. He may be protecting and keeping an individual from self-righteousness or pride.

As we go through intense times of trials, our first response is to ask why or what we did wrong to deserve punishment. After these questions are exhausted, may we be willing to ask the Lord if He is protecting or preventing us from something far different than we can perceive. Perhaps, like with Paul, the thorn in the flesh was administered to prevent boasting and pride (2 Cor. 12:7-10). God knows us and our potential weak points where sin can occur. Remember even an unwanted opinion may be a message God wants us to hear and heed!

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