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January 17, 2022 - Job 29-31

In difficult times when it is challenging to keep a proper perspective and trust in the Lord's sustaining power, we tend to revert to talking about the "good old days". The tendency is to begin to reminisce and speak about better times when God's ways appeared clear to us.

When the reality of pain and suffering is intense, we can often reflect upon and wish for the past. Instead of stating further grievances, Job began to describe how life used to be with his family and his relationship with God. He also contemplated how blessed his life had been and the ways the Lord had allowed him to bless those around him.

In chapter 30, Job quickly moves back to the massive changes that had occurred and joy was replaced with sourness and bitterness of soul. Whereas he earlier remembered the good times, he now recounts the calamities of his life. At the conclusion of the chapter, Job is ready to resign and admit defeat. It is here the character and integrity of Job breaks into the narrative. He remembered the vows he made (31:1) and once again reaffirmed the covenants with God.

A review of chapter 31 will unveil the fact that Job remained a man of integrity despite all that had been hurled at him! Job takes his stand and challenges all to examine and see that he is a man whose life demonstrated his beliefs.

Perhaps your present situations are having you to reevaluate your beliefs. Like Job, be reminded of your commitment to the LORD and the impact God has had on your life. Job 13:15 states, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him." May we trust Him even in the most difficult times.

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