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November 16, 2021 - Psalm 33; Isaiah 7

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! That is a phrase that I love to think about and to sing as my heart rejoices before the Lord. It appears that at times we get so wrapped up in the news and reports of the sad events transpiring around us, we forget the greatness of our great God Whom we serve.

The Psalmist lived in a time of difficulty and yet was able to bring to us a song that elevated the readers and singers’ hearts to acknowledge and worship the Lord. His focus was not upon the day-to-day horrors that were happening but on the Lord who was over and above the events of the day. The Lord’s decrees

as well as His faithfulness was so great that by a mere word, the heavens were made, and the oceans were piled up and put in storehouses! (vv,6-7).

The psalmist stretches us to understand God’s power and might in order that we might trust Him when He speaks to us of even greater works He will perform! Similarly, Isaiah 7 was also written in a time of darkness and despair for the nation of Israel. The prophet looked beyond the rancor and unstable political environment to the work of God. He heard the Lord speak of a miraculous event that would occur and His ability to drench the nation with His unfathomable love. The Lord would provide a sign and a virgin would have a child.

Like the ocean which sends wave after wave upon the shore, God suddenly reveals a remarkable event that catches everyone unaware. We are only capable of seeing the crashing wave and a little of the water, but the ocean is so much larger, deeper, and more powerful than we can imagine. God’s plan and love stretches beyond our comprehension. Mrs. Charles Cowman wrote: “We can only see a little of the ocean, just a few miles distant from the rocky shore, but out there – far beyond our eyes’ horizon, there’s more – immeasurably more.

We can only see a little of God’s loving – A few rich treasures from His mighty store; Bur out there – far beyond our eyes’ horizon, there’s more immeasurably more.”

As you approach the holiday season may you see beyond the waves crashing upon the shore and take in the majestic power of God in the seemingly endless depths of His still unrevealed plans. He promised there’s more, immeasurably more!

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