Daily Hope

October 13, 2021 - Romans 8:12-30

Adoption is usually a very long and complicated process for all involved. A good mentor is an extremely valuable person to have while walking through the progression of steps to completion. This person is usually seasoned and knows the protocol of how to help family and adoptee adjust to the new setting. The advisor is there to assist and come alongside families to not make mistakes early in the relationship.

The believer’s mentor is the Holy Spirit. He too comes alongside and offers support to the “child” or individual being adopted into God’s family (vv. 15-17). He supports and encourages each individual with the truths that they are children with the same rights Christ has as the Son of God!

This glorious truth is portrayed as Paul contrasts the sufferings that the child (before adoption) undergoes with the glory that will one day be his in the future. Paul also states that all creation awaits with anticipation the deliverance from bondage that enslaves all nature. As creation groans for release from bondage, so the Spirit groans to adopt individuals into the family. He assists them to become legitimate sons of God they are intended to be in Christ.

The adoption process is strenuous and demanding but Paul sees it as a foregone conclusion that will end as it is intended. The steps of identification, selection, changing of name and finally bringing that adoptee into the home is completed. The Spirit of God has labored to bring this chosen adoptee into the family.

As we reflect upon the struggle of new believers learning a new family’s likes, dislikes, and nuances, pray for their adjustments. What had been normal life now is different and the new believer must adjust to new a vernacular, culture, and style of living. May we be godly mentors in helping those adopted by Christ become loved family members.

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