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September 22,2021 - Romans 2:17-29

I found a quote one time that stated, “The most dangerous Christian is one who has one year of Bible training.” While that may not be true in all situations, it can be true where believers think they know more than they really do! There are times when people think they know something just because they have been around the information and have heard some facts. The results can be pride and an unwillingness to continue to learn.

Paul wanted the Jews to know they were guilty of sin themselves even though they were the keepers of the law and had the law handed down from generation to generation. Paul challenges the Jewish readers with the fact that although they were instructed and did teach principles and truths of the Levitical and Mosaic teachings, they were guilty as well. If they had committed sin even while teaching of what sin was, they were as guilty as the Gentiles or the intellectuals written about previously.

The actions and attitudes of being a lawbreaker was causing dishonor to God and Gentiles were watching and taking note of their hypocrisy and false worship. Paul did not deny that the Jews were messengers of the Law but if they denied that same law by their lifestyle, they were guilty as well. The Jews pride and acts of transgressing the law made them no different than those who did not know or keep the law.

When we act, talk, or react like everyone else we bring condemnation upon ourselves as well as the Lord. Regardless of our position in Christ theologically, our words and deeds speak loudly to a world examining us to see if Christianity is worth pursuing. Like the Jews, we can speak godly words and act holy in a worship service on Sunday but if we speak and act like everyone else on Monday, our witness is nullified. Our testimony, like the Jewish circumcision, can become a means of ridicule instead of the credential of being God’s servant. Be cautious and prudent that the training you have received does not puff you up and cause you to be unfit for the service God has called you to perform.

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