Daily Hope

September 16, 2021 - Romans 1:1-15

Various titles are used to introduce and identify who you are in a variety of settings. The term used informs the audience of your expertise or standing in the company or venue. Most individuals have more than one title. Which title is used, is determined by the situation or location. I am a husband, father, grandfather. I have earned the titles of Pastor, Doctor and Reverend. I have accepted the titles of Christian, believer and disciple by choosing to receive and follow Jesus Christ as my Savior.

As we begin the book of Romans, we are reminded that Paul had never been to Rome. As he began his introduction to the believers that were located there, he desired to identify himself. This rather long, formal introduction is used by Paul to identify himself to his readers.

He started with his name, Paul, choosing to use his Greek name rather than his Jewish name Saul. Perhaps this was intentional as many were Gentiles in the congregation or perhaps because the name’s literal meaning is “little” and he desired to write as a humble servant. Along with this is the following word, “bondservant” to illustrate his recognition of a slave that had been freed but remained in the service of his master, Jesus Christ. The title would immediately bring attention to the fact that he was a servant purchased by another whose interests he was representing. Paul chose to identify himself with this term in many of his writings to the churches.

He balances the servant and humility titles with the next one “apostle” which carried the status of authority and leadership in the churches of the New Testament. As an apostle he had the position of leadership and spoke as one separated or appointed by Christ and the church to represent Christ’s teachings.

In humility, but with authority, Paul now comes to present Jesus Christ and His teachings to this group of individuals at Rome. Their faith and obedience had been spoken of throughout the entire world and Paul desired to visit, share, and teach them. His longing was to encourage and be encouraged as they shared in the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we begin the book of Romans, we will be challenged to be both humbled and exalted as Paul reveals the mind and makeup of man. My prayer will be that we see ourselves, like Paul, both as a sinner and a saint. Believers are forgiven by Christ and become messengers for Christ as a result of that forgiveness!

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