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Sunday School Classes

Sunday School Classes

Spring 2023

Adult Sunday School

These multi-generational classes allow adults in a variety of stages of life to come together weekly to study God's Word and gain practical applications to use in their daily lives. Each quarter Berea is pleased to offer "electives" which allow adults to choose a course of most interest to them. There is no need to register children this semester; classrooms are all ready for them.

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There are two Adult Sunday School options for the 2022 Summer Semester:

Biblical Foundations for Church Planting Teachers: Pastor Reed Waggoner and Various Teachers

Berea Bible Church has a vision to help start a church plant in 2023. The basis for this vision lies in the biblical pattern and the growing need for sound, biblical churches. For the Spring quarter, Pastor Reed Waggoner, and selected other teachers, will present biblical and practical foundations for church planting. We will examine the teaching of Jesus, the pattern of the New Testament, the need for church planting in the 21st century, an introduction to the process, as well as personal accounts. If the idea of church planting is new to you, join us for this enlightening study.

Responding to God's Faithful Intervention: Minor Prophets, Part 1 Teacher: Mark Gainer and Keith Huffman

This study on the Minor Prophets (Hosea-Micah) helps class participants understand God's faithfulness to His people Israel as seen in His intervention in their lives. God never stopped loving them no matter how far His people wandered from Him. His love for us is just as deep. Learners will be challenged to respond to God's loving faithfulness in their lives. 

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Children’s Sunday School

There is no need to register children this semester; classrooms are all ready for them.

Nursery: Infant to 2 Years Old - Our workers are trained to provide a safe, loving, and secure environment for all children.  We provide both a secure and sanitary nursery in order to allow parents to give their full attention toward worshiping and serving Berea.

Toddlers: 2 and 3 Year Olds - Taught by Elizabeth Kitchen. Our toddlers will learn three truths about God this quarter: God protected, God loved, and God cared. The main focus will be on the life of Moses, and students will also spend time in the book of Matthew learning about Jesus.

Beginners: 4 and 5 Year Olds (Kindergarten) - Taught by Lara Gainer. Throughout the spring, our beginners will learn that God sent Jesus to deliver the world from sin. They will understand why Jesus had to die on the cross and how He rose again from the grave. They will also learn about God's deliverance of Israel from slavery in Egypt. They will rejoice in God's provision of deliverance from sin and marvel at His power to deliver His people.

Primary: 1st and 2nd Grade Taught by Tammy Kitselman. First and second graders will learn that Israel's rejection of Jesus led to His death on the cross. They will understand that God offers them forgiveness of sins based on Jesus' death. They will also learn that Israel rejected God's gracious offering of the Promised Land. The students will be challenged to trust their gracious, forgiving God.

Middlers: 3rd and 4th Grade - Taught by Ellen Williams. This quarter, our third and fourth grade graders will be continuing their trip through the whole Bible using the study “Route 66.” Students will get an overview of each book during this multi-quarter study.

Juniors: 5th and 6th Grade - Taught by Victoria Greenwood. Fifth and sixth graders will get to know God's character through His commandments to Israel on Mount Sinai. They will understand that God's commands reveal humanity's sinfulness and that God's grace offers forgiveness for commandment breakers. They will turn to God for forgiveness of their sins and thank God for His glorious grace.

Junior High/High School: Grades 7-12 - Taught by Sam Watkins. This quarter, Berea’s teens will be studying the basics of Church History. In this “birds-eye view” survey, we will trace the major changes and developments across the four major eras of the Christian Church.