Our Youth Lighthouse Ministry is the evangelistic arm of our youth ministry.  It meets on Sunday nights from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm.  This ministry features times of fun and study of God’s word specifically geared towards reaching the lost and equipping the believer to share their faith.


Decreasing Disciples is the discipleship arm of our youth ministry.  John the Baptist stated, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).  In following Jesus, that principle must become the lifestyle of every teenager.  Jesus must increase as the center of one’s life and our own desires and passions must decrease.  This discipleship ministry is not for every teen, but for those who have serious intent in their faith will benefit from this ministry.


The BBC youth group has a two-fold purpose: 1) teaching and building a strong gospel-centered heart in the life of the teens through the study of God’s Word as well as prayer and 2) for the youth to realize their potential as believers in worship, serving, and sharing the gospel. 

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We are a relationally focused ministry that seeks to build community among the students through  an atmosphere that allows for our students to make connections, learn more about God, and have fun in a safe and spiritually-oriented context. Pastor Marvel leads youth group activities that are both stimulating and anticipated by the teens.  He provides a variety of events; some primarily are fun, yet others are service-oriented, and others are primarily ministry-focused. 

Routinely, Pastor Marvel works in close conjunction with BBC parents since they are the keys to teen’s long-term spiritual success.  As such, Pastor Marvel works to both develop Godly teens and also strengthen family relationships.

Growing in maturity is a core idea that describes Berea’s youth group purpose.  Naturally, teens must mature in their judgments, decisions, planning, and life choices.  Additionally, Pastor Marvel helps guide young people to spiritual maturity as they become more grounded in biblical truth, settled in their faith, and established in their spiritual disciplines.

If you have questions regarding the Berea youth group and/or would like to know more about it, please contact Pastor Aaron Marvel (phone or e-mail) and he will be most happy to engage you further. 

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Students are encouraged to experience camp life, being away from home and living in an environment where the Spirit of God can use counselors and mature leaders to train them in the word of God.  These experiences are often life altering and influential for spiritual maturity.  Among other quality Christian camps in the U.S., our church historically has emphasized two particular camps for our children and teens to participate in their ministries: Scioto Hills in Southern Ohio and Word of Life in New York.  Learn more from their websites in our missions section.

Pastor Aaron Marvel and Jennifer
(Andrew, Daniel, Lydia, Isaac)

Pastor Marvel leads all our youth-related ministries.  This ministry is for grades 7-12.