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Regular Attendee Pictures

Jim Anderkin
Danny Baugh
Mark Baugh
Omari Bell-Moore
Phil and Andrea Berrien (Brianna, Isaiah, Elayna)
Tracy Blaney (Lillian)
Cindy Bostick
Isaac Brown
Joe & Stephanie Castle
Kelly Coleman
Betty Coffelt
Paige Cochran and Alex
Monty and Diane Corvin
Justin and Staci Cox (Jaden)
Charity Crable-Lykins (Tori, Autumn, Tim, Jaycee)
Robert and Bonnie Cummings
Stephanie Cummings
Mike and Bonnie Dantzer
Jakob Dillon
Michael and Karen Firmin
Sara Freeland
Corinne, Lisa, Dan, Ella Freeman
Mark and Lara Gainer (Jovie, Grant, Cole, Millie)
Todd and Amy Greene (Bryce)
Marge Greenwood
Mike and Victoria Greenwood (Layne)
Mike Gulvas
Gene Hayes
Norma Hayes
Pat and Carolyn Hayes
Violet Hayes
Jenny Herier
Fritz Horn
Ben and Danielle Horton (Levi, Eme)
Bob and Mary Lou Horton
Eddie & Marsha Horton (Ansley, Logan)
Gene and Pam Kelly
Asher, Christine, Pastor Kim
Jay and Beth Kitchen (Sadie, Hogan)
Wesley and Jessica Kitchen (Levi, Jenavieve, Eloise, Boaz, Oliver, Magnolia, Lilyana)
Andy and Tammy Kitselman
Ross and Jennifer Kitselman (Garrett, Layla)
Roger and Martha Kitselman
Jackie Lenze
Mickey and Susan Lockhart
Howard & Wendy May
Gary McDufford
Philip Keating
Bruce & Elaine Libey
Dayna, Addalyn, Addison, Dana Love
Teresa and Ian MacPhail-Fausey
Pastor Brian and Jeannette Miller
Christian and Meg Miller (Callan)
Triniti Patterson
Robert Perkins
Derrick and Lindsey Phillips (Aubree)
Shaun and Nicky Phillips
Cierra Phillips
Thorn Welsh
Judy Reda
Rick and Eva Sanders
Justin Schlatmann
David Sinkonis
Roland Stephens
Wes and Michele Stephens (Roland, Mya, Micah, Mac)
Hannah Timmons
Noah Timmons
Charlotte Trapp
Fred and Beth Trimble
Anila Varghese
Sam and Elly Watkins
Bethany Williams (Christian)
Gene and Judith Williams
Hailea Williams
Justin & Tracy Williams (Evelyn)
Richard and Ellen Williams
Kaitlyn Wiseman