Berea is a caring community of believers who emphasize meaningful connections.  To us, that means we take time to know one another, pray, foster relationships, and show interest in the needs of other Berea families.  

At Berea, our pastors preach messages that are biblically sound, applicable to life, and will keep your attention.  We believe preaching should be both interesting and relevant to the lives and needs of Bereans.

Berea is a non-denominational church and our congregation consists of a wide cross-section of folks from all walks of life.  Please consider visiting our Sunday morning service and we welcome you to fellowship with us.  If you use the “contact us” button on the top of the web page, then we would be glad to talk and/or e-mail, if you have questions or other ways that we might be of service.  

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All churches possess certain core characteristics that help identify who they are.  At Berea, we are a caring community of believers.  We take personal interests in one another’s lives and seek to minister during times of special needs.  You will find Berea to be a great place to establish friendships, learn God’s word, and advance in your spiritual walk.

At Berea, we offer opportunities, both to grow spiritually through Biblical input, and also to serve others.  Berea offers a variety of informal (such as mentoring and discipleship) as well as formal (such as teaching Sunday school or Bible studies) outlets for Christian ministry.  Prospective members meet with Pastor Miller and he is able to get to know them on a more personal level and help match people with appropriate and desired Berea ministry opportunities. 

If you would like to know more about Berea Bible Church, then please call and/or e-mail.  We would genuinely enjoy the opportunity to know you better and hear how we might help be of particular ministry to you at this time.

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